Descriptive Exploring

Today we went to Walka Water Works in Maitland, it’s a neat little picnic area on a lake with lot’s of walking trails.  Poor Em had been cooped up in the car so instead of playing on the playground we went for a walk on the trails to let her get rid of some of that fiesty four year old energy.

We played a game, pretending that we were explorers and we had discover new plants and flowers and describe them, the soft moss, the rough bark, the tall trees and the short grass.  Em came up with some fantastic descriptive words (the ‘prickly cactus’ , the ‘crunchy gravel’) and we taught her some new ones.  We later asked her to describe some things at home that felt the same as the things she had seen on her walk (her soft teddies, the rough carpet) and she was very proud of herself for making the connection, what seemed like an innocent walk through the bush was yet another invaluable lesson in our daughters life.


About triciajayne

I'm a 21yo married mother from Western Australia.
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