Flying With Young Children

In nine days I will be taking my four year old and 10 month old daughters and making the 5 hour flight from Sydney to Perth. I’m not worried about Emily (4yo) so much, she is very well behaved, very understanding and quite good at keeping herself amused.  I am however worried about can’t-keep-still-for-more-than-30-seconds-I-am-queen-of-the-world Abigail.  She tantrums, screams, fusses and complains if she doesn’t get her own way and her way is usually the total opposite of what I’d like her to be doing.  She has done about 20 hours of flying before but she was much younger and slept the whole way, this time I am sure I won’t be so lucky.  We’ve never had a problem with the ear popping, I have a juice ready for the girls, the swallowing really does help with the pressure changes.

Here is my list of things to take with me;

Small Toiletries Bag: I shove this right on top of my carry on bag for easy access.  I include 4 nappies, pocket pack of wipes, 2 large zip lock sandwich bags for dirty nappies, sample tub of nappy cream, bonds wondersuit in case of airplane toilet poopsplosion.

Larger Kids Bag: Small etch-a-sketch for each of the kids. I picked these up from a $2 shop, they are only the size of a 6×4 photo but they keep both the kids amused for quite some time.  Zip lock bag of crackers, biscuits and teething rusks.  An MP3 player loaded with kids e-books and nursery rhymes, THIS IS A LIFE SAVER! I’ll also be taking Ems leap pad and a new toy that they have never seen before and hope that the novelty takes a while to wear off.

Pillow: The familiar feeling and smell of my pillow helped Abigail to go to sleep and stay asleep quite easily.  It was easy to have her on my lap still in a seat belt and comfy without having to try and hold her upright in my arms. I also bring her lamby comforter blanket and Em’s favorite teddy.

Ergo Carrier: I love my Ergo, I can’t rave about this thing enough.  As soon as we land I can just pop Abigail on my back in the Ergo and have two free hands for my bag and holding Em’s hand.  I put Abigail in it while we are waiting to board and then take her out but keep it done up around my waist so I don’t have to fumble around with it when we land.

If you have any questions or suggestions I would love to here them.  Feel free to link any posts you have made on flying with kids.


About triciajayne

I'm a 21yo married mother from Western Australia.
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2 Responses to Flying With Young Children

  1. mumabulous says:

    We’ve found that the ipad is a godsend when travelling. All the best of luck with your flight.

  2. Meghan says:

    Pack extra! We had a recent flight from San Fran to Boston. We we rerouted to another airport, flight was delayed, and we arrived 3 hours later than expected. We wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t pack extra formula and food for our little guy.

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