Abigail’s Sleep Progress- Day Two

(If you haven’t read my previous post, I suggest you do so you know what I’m on about)

Our Plan

Has slightly changed, time between sleeps is the same and we’re sticking to our bedtime routine but she has progressed so much in one day we felt she was able to cope with more changes.   I am now putting her into her cot, giving her a bottle and walking straight out, no stroking during bottle, just humming the lullaby.  As I walk out she will grizzle slightly but then stay quiet doing gosh knows what till she cries a little more seriously, then I’ll go in, give her more of her bottle and walk out again. Repeat until asleep.

Nap One

Began at 9.30, had to go back in three times,  she fell asleep half an hour later and slept for an hour

Nap Two

Began at 1.10pm,  had to go back in three times, she fell asleep after 20 minutes and slept for an hour

Nap Three

Began at 4.50pm, I had to go back in about 10 minutes later but then she fell asleep and I didn’t hear a peep for an hour and fifty minutes.  This is the best attempt so far.

Bed Time

Abigail was put down at 8.50pm, I had to back in twice and she fell asleep in half an hour.  Although it took longer than the last time, I was still very happy because she only cried out for me twice.   I don’t know how things are going to go tonight, I’ll play it by ear and decide whether she can come into bed or not when she starts her waking up again.


I feel semi-sane already, I am not as exhausted or fed up as I have been lately and I am beginning to feel positive about the whole sleep situation.  Although I keep wishing I had done this sooner, I don’t feel that I was ready for this.  I know that seems selfish but  I constantly fight anxious thoughts about losing or ‘damaging’ Abigail in some way.  I don’t think I could explain it, anyone who has lost a child would know how I feel, nothing else can compare.


About triciajayne

I'm a 21yo married mother from Western Australia.
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One Response to Abigail’s Sleep Progress- Day Two

  1. Pat williams says:

    Abby will be sleeping well in her cot befor you know it, just keep up the good work , just do whatever makes you happy 🙂

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