Digital Photography For Children

I had bought Em one of those ‘kid friendly’ cameras last year but found the resolution was so poor and the shutter so slow that it rarely managed to get any decent shot in the hands of an unsteady toddler.  Rummaging through my drawers I found an old point and shoot camera that I haven’t used in years and with nothing to lose I gave it to Em.  You can pick up a decent enough point and shoot camera for around the $50 mark, the same as any kid camera.  Em dropped mine once but hey, it survived.

After a basic lesson covering fingers off the lens, taking photos from close up as well as far away and only photographing something ONCE (otherwise you will end up with 50 shots of the same stick,(trust me, I speak from experience,) we started on a ‘photography walk.’

Usually Em runs around without taking notice of anything, this time she was carefully looking for things that she found beautiful and took great pride in carrying round the ‘grown up camera’ and then viewing her shots on the computer (which included a fabulous amount of ‘self portraits.’)  Now she feels super special that she has the same hobby as her mummy and we have something special to share between us.


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I'm a 21yo married mother from Western Australia.
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One Response to Digital Photography For Children

  1. Sara says:

    i gave my two year old an old point and shoot as well. we have had a lot of pictures of random things – but he does think it is so fun!

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