Abigail Took Her First Steps!

At 11 months old our darling Abigail has taken her first steps, luckily, both her Daddy and I were there to see it. I was taking some photos of her downstairs, I asked Dave to stand her up, a skill she had learnt in the last few weeks and to our absolute shock, she took a  couple of steps forward.  We shrieked and clapped and made a huge fuss and the smile that came across her face spoke more than any words could.  We tried her again a few times, this time she managed to walk about a meter and a half before falling.  I was taking photo after photo but silly me didn’t think to turn my camera to HD video and now she won’t let us get any videos without screaming and throwing a tantrum because she want’s to grab our phones or the video camera.  I think I’ll have to do a hidden camera set up!



About triciajayne

I'm a 21yo married mother from Western Australia.
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