Abigail’s Sleep Progress- Day 5

Success! We can finally put Abigail down in her cot and let her take herself to sleep without needing us to go back in! Five times in a row I have put her down and she has done a bit of grizzling but gone to sleep herself, I am so proud of her!  Obviously, she is still not sleeping through the night but I know now we can work on that, I am just so happy to have arrived at this stage.  I am saving at least 2 hours a day that I can now spend quality time with Em and Abigail is much happier as she is now more rested.  I am sure there will be hiccups along the way, after all I am heading to Perth for a week in 3 days and then when we come home we will be in a  totally different house. Though now we know we can do this and she is better off it won’t be as difficult.


About triciajayne

I'm a 21yo married mother from Western Australia.
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