Free Photo Retouching For Those Who have Lost Children

I look at my beautiful girls photos and see the precious angel she is but I know that my friends and family may not be able to see what I do through her skin discolorations and bruising from birth.  I have retouched my photos of Katie so her skin is smoother and and softer, I haven’t changed her appearance, just made her look like the precious baby she is.

If any of you have pictures that you would like retouching by someone who understands your pain, feel free to email me at  Please understand that some things cannot be completely fixed, extremely dark lips are one thing that is hard to fix but I can fix skin tone, blur backgrounds, remove tubes and wires etc and give you a less confronting image.   I know this isn’t for everyone but if it helps you I am more than happy to help.

*Edited to add* I will also do any editing for people who lost loved ones, tube removing, replacing backgrounds etc

I couldn’t retouch Katie’s lips well enough so to recreate my ‘peaceful’ picture of her I used her younger sister Abigail’s lips, they were identical at birth and I am sure they would have grown up so similar.


About triciajayne

I'm a 21yo married mother from Western Australia.
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